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About us

SupAirVision, the good choice!


Our Research and Development (R&D) internal team innovates on the drones, the sensors and the data… with a lot of creativity!


We invent and develop the best solutions to answer the challenges of the wind turbine's maintenance, with an extensive range of services.


SupAirVision masters collaborative development, with the best professional experts or technical and scientific specialists.


With constant attention to what happens on the field, the SupAirVision team loves to develop the best tools to help wind turbine professionals.


Since the creation of SupAirVision, we have been looking to implement the most precise and specialised sensors on the market.


Keep a clear mind, our team of passionate technicians will always find the best technical or operational solution, in France or abroad.


By having a focus on inspection and associated services, SupAirVision contributes to the development of wind turbine performance. The wide range of services offered by SupAirVision contributes to making us a recognised specialist of blades and towers diagnosis in France and in the world.
SupAirVision brings a simple and efficient solution for the inspection of the turbines and asset management. Thanks to its technical and technological expertise, SupAirVision innovates and invents the tools of the future based on drones, by integrating machine learning and data management.
SupAirVision’s diagnosis are fully incorporated in the maintenance chain of a wind turbine and contribute to the optimisation of the daily work of manufacturers, operators, owners, maintenance professionals and technicians, insurers, design offices and blade experts.
Curious and attentive, the SupAirVision team ambitions to become your privileged partner!

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What an adventure to work joyfully on such incredible challenges! And what a pleasure to share this experience with a team of super-motivated passionate professionals.

Sébastien Arnould

Founder and director

Supairvision team

Zhewei Yu

Technical director

Sommelier in my spare time, I love the products that come from the earth and can be enjoyed in a stemmed glass! 懂生活也懂技术的理工男

Supairvision team

Lucas Réocreux

R&D Engineer – Operations Manager

In the pure tradition of a general engineer, I am curious about everything and everyone.

Supairvision team

David Perinet

R&D technician

Tattooed biker, bearded and well-mannered, a competitive spirit at the service of innovation!

Supairvision team

Alexandre Zirn

Pilot and drone training

Field man and experienced pilot, it is in the service of SupAirVision that I combine humor and dexterity!

Supairvision team

Elie Amour

Technician and member of the communications department

Passionate about photography, I like to see things with a creative eye in order to achieve my objectives!

Supairvision team

Julie Delmas

Product manager

Very involved and passionate, I’m often nicknamed SupAirVision’s human Swiss Army knife!

Supairvision team

Mouhamadou Ndiaye

Image processing engineer

Passionate about Python, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, I am passionate about finding a better method of problem solving for difficult tasks.

Supairvision team

Sabrina Boualit

Image processing engineer

Three things are eternal: my smile, my love for food and my passion for imagery.

Supairvision team

Florent Cao


Passionate about people and eternal student of life, I like to face challenges while moving forward with curiosity!

Supairvision team

Sébastien Steimer

Sales Director

In love with sport and sporting challenges, I like challenges and to bring my energy to the Energy Transition.

Supairvision team

Justine Darçay

Multipurpose PC operator

Always looking for new discoveries and challenges, I draw my keyboard faster than the speed of light.

Supairvision team

Marion Baran

Executive assistant

Curious, sportive and challenger, my motto: there are no problems, only solutions!

Supairvision team

Léo Morin

Android developer

Currently training as an engineer, I joined SupAirVision as Android developer on block release training.