With VisionAir, the Cloud designed by SupAirVision, digitize all your blade diagnostics:

- Inspection history: Sherlock, Volta, Clarity
- Centralize your inspections and your data from all sources: drone, rope access technician, telephoto
- Interface VisionAir with your digital tools thanks to our API
- Automatic export of the inspection report

Sherlock in VisionAir
- Save 25% of time in defects annotation
- Ergonomics defect detection thanks to the complete reconstitution of the blades
- Automatic defect detection by AI (artificial intelligence)
- Fluid and intuitive navigation along the blade, on all its faces
- Complete dashboard with severity, type of defects, comments, history, etc.
- Comparison of inspections for effective monitoring of defects and repairs

Volta in VisionAir
- All lightning path conductivity measurements (Ω)
- Ergonomic visualization of the values (Ω) of each receptor on the blade

Clarity in VisionAir
- Detection of internal defects by active and passive thermography
- Complete dashboard with severity, type of faults, comments, history, etc.
- Comparison of inspections for effective monitoring of defects and repairs
Inspect your blades by drone and make the detection of surface defects more reliable with Sherlock:

- Accuracy: 3 m from the blade - 45 Mpix
- Safety: 4-6 m from the blade - 20 Mpix

Short wind turbine downtime (30 min) = limited operating loss and easier planning over the year

• Detection of the finest defects (cracks, impacts, etc.)

Safe inspection (no human intervention at height)

Simple turbine stop, no blade pitch

Effectively responds to ICPE regulations! Every 6 months, an accurate report on the condition of the blades.
Diagnose the lightning paths of your blades in record time and in complete safety, with Volta, global innovation (patented), developed by SupAirVision:

Reduced wind turbine downtime (less than an hour per wind turbine)
Safe operations, without human intervention at height
Precision of diagnosis
Clarity revolutionizes the diagnosis of wind turbine blades and enables the detection of deep and invisible internal anomalies by active pulsed thermography and passive thermography.
Anticipate and divide by 2 your maintenance operations costs by dealing with defects at the source!

Drone diagnostics (passive thermography) and portable system mounted on a lifting platform (active thermography)
Detection of structural defects: fiber corrugation, delamination, deep cracks, abnormal presence of moisture and bonding defects
Cover wind turbine logos with an innovative,and competitive solution, SupAirVision has developed the DroneSpray in collaboration with Drones Center:

1 hour per wind turbine = small downtime for the coverage of the two logos
Colors available: light gray (RAL 7035, RAL 7038), white, black and silver. Other colors on demand
Safety intervention: technicians stay on the ground during operations
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