Blade inspection by drone and wind farm management
Aerial painting By drone
Blade inspection by drone and wind farm management
We offer you blade inspections and a platform to manage your wind farms, having an accurate vision in just a click of the state of your wind turbines and the interventions that should be programmed.

Precision, Speed and Safety

Our assets:
- Technology and know-how in photography = the best image quality on the market!
- Sense of service, listening and reactivity, to better meet your needs.
- Constant innovation in the UAV, on-board sensors and data management.
Aerial Painting
Take advantage of the drone capabilities to paint efficiently in height:
- The operation is quick and cost effective. The turbines downtime is reduced.
- Logo coverage = 2 h per turbine.
- Paint available in white and light grey.
- Safety: when the drone intervenes, the men stay on the ground!
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Fast, precise... cost-effective
21/10/2020 Go from #curative to #preventive control ... and prepare for the #predictive with SupAirVision!
Opérationnels et mobilisés
05/05/2020 Team SupAirVision, opérationnel et mobilisé depuis le début du confinement. R&D, peinture, inspections : nous sommes - déjà - sur le terrain.
Team SupAirVision !
08/05/2019 Le photographe est passé tirer quelques photos de groupe. Tous autour du drone !