expert in wind farm diagnostics
VisionAir, your blade at a glance
Volta, simple and effective LPS diagnosis
SupAirVision, expert in wind farm diagnostics
We work with you to provide the most relevant tools and services, which allow you to have a precise view of your wind turbine blades’ condition and of the interventions to be scheduled:

VisionAir: the secure Cloud that brings together all your data
Sherlock: visual inspection in full service or for rent with an automated flight plan
Volta: the world's first LPS diagnostics by drone
Clarity: detection of internal anomalies before they appear on the surface
DroneSpray: aerial painting by drone

Precision, Speed and Safety
Volta, the simple and effective LPS diagnosis
Diagnose the lightning paths of your blades in complete safety, with Volta, global innovation (patented), developed by SupAirVision.

- Reduced wind turbine downtime (less than an hour per wind turbine)
- Safe operations, without human intervention at height
- Precision: receptor pictures and Ω measures
Innovation at SupAirVision
R&D is in SupAirVision's DNA, with several areas of Research & Development:

- Autonomous flight system to have the drone get as close as possible to the blades to provide the most precise photos on the market, with Sherlock
- Defects analysis by artificial intelligence (AI) to set up predictive inspections of the blades in VisionAir
- Volta, patented system for LPS diagnosis on wind turbine blades
- Clarity, detection of internal anomalies by active and passive thermography
- Drone Spray, for aerial painting and coatings application
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SupAirVision raises €1 million from Industrya to digitize the diagnosis of wind turbine blades
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Fast, precise... cost-effective
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