Choosing SupAirVision...
To favour a solution of the future
An economical solution that requires few staff and stops the turbine for only one hour.

To focus on your core business by outsourcing a specific skill

To have the best images on the market and an easily accessible and accurate decision making tool

To collaborate with an attentive partner for whom customer service is essential
To opt for a scalable management solution, always closer to the needs of the sector’s players
SupAirVision provides a simple and efficient solution for wind turbine inspection and wind farm management. To always be one step ahead, the technical team works on internal defects and on projects integrating artificial intelligence.
While focusing on inspection and related services, SupAirVision includes in its thinking all services of a technological nature that can contribute to improving performance in wind power, particularly on blades.
Thanks to your feedback, we will offer services that optimise your daily life as a manufacturer, operator, maintenance specialist, insurer or design office.

If you share this vision, let’s meet to study your needs
Photographer since 1998, when the drone market opened in 2013, I combined these two interests by quickly becoming interested in wind turbines. Evolving in the heart of the first wind energy field in France, I discovered the relevance of using these technologies for wind turbine inspections.
It took 4 years and the formation of a project team to solve the technical challenges of precision photography in an unstable natural environment, in order to achieve today’s solution.

Today, SupAirVision consists of a R&D department, a sales department, pilots and management, and above all a market vision, with the desire to offer its customers the best technical solution for blade inspection and fleet management.

Sébastien Arnould,
CEO and founder of SupAirVision