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Inspection of the surface defects by drone

Get a complete diagnosis of the state of the surface of your blades and your towers at low cost thanks to our Sherlock inspections. We offer two levels of quality for your pictures (20Mpx – 45Mpx) depending on your needs and the type of inspection required. Sherlock can also be internalised with our renting offer and our flight application (manual or automatic): you can pilot safely and obtain images of high quality, which can then be easily processed. The inspections are done in a reproducible manner in order to not miss any potential defects and guarantee their follow up thanks to the “linked defects'' function of our VisionAir platform.
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High quality - SHERLOCK

Price / quality ratio

Carry out the inspection of your blades or your towers by drone and obtain HD pictures of 20Mpx quality which will enable you to guarantee the detection of surface defects.

Time saver

Inspect up to 10 wind turbines per day (30min per turbine) and receive your reports in a delay of two weeks. Thus, you will reduce your operating losses and facilitate the planification of your missions.

Periodic inspection

Carry out your inspections efficiently by trusting our wind turbine technicians and remote pilots to intervene during your periodic inspections.


Discover our automated flight solution and train your technicians to our flight protocols. Our training offer and our simulator are designed to make your technicians operational in two days.

Benefits - SHERLOCK+


Opt for inspections with HD pictures of 45Mpx quality at an attractive price that are adapted to diverse types of inspections: doubt-raising, end of guarantee, due diligence, etc.

Operational security

Inspect your wind turbines in a secure way by adopting our drone technology and guarantee the durability of your turbines by detecting even the smallest defects (starting from 1mm).

Standardised picture-taking

Follow your turbines’ defects in time thanks to the quality of our inspections: the 4 sides of the blades and the 6 angles of the towers are inspected in a reproducible manner in order to not miss any defects.

Operational flexibility

SupAirVision is adapted to your needs and facilitates the planning of the inspection season of your blades and towers with our wind turbine technicians and drone pilots which can intervene with full autonomy.

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