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Inspect your wind turbines

Benefit from a smooth intervention process and the rapidity of SupAirVision tools to inspect your wind turbines regularly and more easily. The speed of inspection of the drone and of SupAirVision teams reduces the wind turbine downtime and increases the availability of your technicians. Visualise your blades with an ergonomic tool which helps you identify precisely the defects and damages, compare your reports with your previous inspections and follow the state of your wind turbines over time.

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Centralize all of the inspection data with VisionAir

Our cloud platform VisionAir enables you to visualise and annotate your blades and towers on a single user-friendly, secure and accessible platform. Follow the evolution of your defects, one inspection after the other, by linking them on the platform and generate your reports to plan your maintenance efficiently. All your data is therefore centralized, whatever the technology and the type of pictures used (rope access, telephoto lens, manual and automated drone, etc.). If you wish, you can also interface VisionAir with your own computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) tools thanks to our Application Programming Interface (API).

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