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Benefit from the drones’ and SupAirVision teams’ rapidity of action - autonomous to stop the wind turbines - to regularly inspect your wind turbines in an efficient and secure way.
The operational flexibility of the drone and its work output enable you to make the most of the best weather conditions to run your inspections with your teams of pilots and that of SupAirVision.
A detailed vision of your turbines (blades and towers) enables you to make the right maintenance decisions, based on the annotations and the ranking of the defects made by our blade, tower and composite expert.





Our solutions

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Internalise our solutions

SupAirVision is adapted to your needs with its personalised offers and enables you to internalise its visual inspection tools, by manual or automatic flight, and diagnosis of lightning paths (by assisted flight) thanks to our renting offers. Benefit from a complete training to take charge of the adapted protocols: simulator, technical and practical training, to safely pilot the device and obtain quality data. Discover the simplicity of our flight applications and become completely autonomous for the inspection of your turbines!

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