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Discover the first lightning path testing drone in the world, capable of diagnosing the defective receptors precisely and in record time: in less than one hour, you will obtain the resistance values of all your receptors. You can also check their state thanks to a picture taken by an embedded camera and the interpretation of your data by one of our experts, for a guaranteed result. Volta is also available for rent: train your pilots on our flight protocols and our assisted-piloting application for a secure flight.

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Quality of the data

Improve the reliability of your diagnosis with reproducible and comparable measures to the traditional methods (0.1 Ω precision rate).

Time saver

Discover the rapidity of our intervention and inspect up to 10 wind turbines per day (30min-1h per turbine). Receive your reports in 72h to plan your maintenance efficiently.

Operational flexibility

SupAirVision is adapted to your needs thanks to its customizable offers: measurement of the resistance of the blades, the towers, or all the turbine, in an autonomous way by our wind turbine technicians or through renting.

Patented technology

Discover our innovative solution as a world exclusive: Volta can operate on all the machines and enables you to get a quick, precise and two times cheaper diagnosis.



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Technical sheet

Volta technical sheet

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