Frequently asked questions




Who are we?
Can you work all over Europe?
What is your estimated response time?
How can I partner with SupAirVision?
Who does the inspection?
What type of technical assistance do you need?
Are there any regulations to be taken into account?
Do you inspect offshore wind turbines?
Do you conduct other types of inspections?
Can you fly on any type of wind turbine or blades?
Do the blades have to be stopped for inspection?
How is the rotor locked?
What are your wind speed limits?
What are the best weather conditions?
How long is the flight time?
What is the work rate?
What is the resolution of your photos?
How are the images being submitted?
Are the images reconstructed and combined?
Who analyzes the images?
How long do we have access to the data? Do we have the complete history of all the inspections?
Is it possible to integrate our image bank (excluding SupAirVision inspections)?
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