Our offices in pictures :
What do we do at SupAirVision ?

The champions of the SupAirVision team are experts in mechatronics, artificial intelligence, thermography, embedded systems, data, coding. Experts in their field, SupAirVision's engineers and technicians (and even pilots!) innovate on UAVs, sensors and data. Developing and improving drones, embedding new sensors, assembling images and detecting defects automatically by AI (artificial intelligence): they know how to do it all!

What's it like at SupAirVision ?

Life at SupAirVision, in an innovative and dynamic startup. SupAirVision values curiosity and autonomy, knowledge sharing and mutual aid... and good humour! Located in the beautiful city of Troyes, close to wind turbines and champagne, SupAirVision occupies a beautiful office in the Technopole de l'Aube. It's a great place to live and work.