Sébastien Arnould and David Perinet


Matot Braine: SupAirVision, an International Overflight

Published on 11/03/2024

Article from Matot Braine, published on February 29, 2024, when SupAirVision organized its housewarming after relocating its office. 


The article is in French but you will find an extract of the translation below. 


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SupAirVision is seven years old. The age of reason for the company specializing in the maintenance and risk prevention of wind turbines by drones, founded by Sébastien Arnould. After going through the stages of incubation, launch, and development, supported notably by the Departmental Council of Aube, the startup moves into 230 square meters premises at the Technopole de l'Aube. "It's a pleasure to see the culmination of projects," rejoices Anne-Marie Zeltz, departmental councillor during the event. The headcount, with an average age of 30, now has 19 on-site collaborators and 24 in total. A workforce doubled in 2023. SupAirVision has tripled its space to include its R&D, storage workshop, without moving far from the center to facilitate access to public transportation. 

Published on 15/04/2024

L'Est éclair: SupAirVision's Drone Examines Wind Turbines on the Go!

Article dated April 2nd, 2024, about SupAirVision news and innovations.
Published on 21/03/2024

Discover Clarity, Our Thermal Inspection Solution for Wind Turbine Blades by Drone!

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Published on 19/02/2024

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