L'Est éclair: SupAirVision's Drone Examines Wind Turbines on the Go!

Published on 15/04/2024

The article is in French but you will find an extract of the translation below. 


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SupAirVision: Drones Taking on Wind and Blades


Expert in wind turbine diagnostics with drones, the Technopole-based startup is poised to raise over €3 million and launch Sherlock Motion, a groundbreaking drone for inspecting the turbines without stopping its blades. Blades that can rotate up to 300 km/h...


New premises for new ambitions. Specializing in wind turbine maintenance and diagnostics via drones, the Troyes-based startup founded by Sébastien Arnould in 2017 has just left its previous premises at Technopole de l'Aube to set up next door, in a 300 m² space in the №1 Office Building. 
By tripling its surface area, SupAirVision has been able to integrate its R&D, storage, and assembly workshop and accommodate its young team with an average age of 30, which already includes 19 employees. The workforce doubled last year as a result of strong growth, leading to new fundraising efforts.

1000 turbines inspected last year


The startup had already raised €1 million in 2021 with Industrya, the investment fund initiated by the John Cockerill group, with support from BPI France and private partners. This initial fundraising enabled them to industrialize their products and further digitize blade diagnostics. 

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