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Les Echos: SupAirVision launches the first solution to inspect wind turbines in operation

Published on 27/05/2024

Article from Les Echos, published on 13 May 2024, on the launch of Sherlock Motion.


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The article is in French but you will find an extract of the translation below.


The company, based in Troyes - Aube region, East of France, has developed a technology for controlling wind turbine blades using drones, without having to interrupt electricity production. The company is seeking to raise €3.5 million to support this project and expand internationally.


Drone specialist SupAirVision has just presented its new ‘Sherlock Motion’ solution, which enables drones to inspect the blades of wind turbines without first having to stop the turbine. ‘This avoids any loss of electricity production during the inspection. To my knowledge, we are currently the only company offering this solution", says Sébastien Arnould, the founder and CEO of the company, which has been based in Troyes, in the Aube region of France, since it was set up in 2017.

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