First Solution Without Rotor Stop


Inspecting Your Wind Turbines Without Interruption, Starting Today!

Published on 26/06/2024

Energy production drop during inspection? No more!


Sherlock Motion is out of development. The future is here, and wind turbine maintenance is about to change. Our brand-new solution is a groundbreaking innovation, set to change practices with increasingly advanced and precise blade diagnostics.


Sherlock Motion is more than just a drone; it features a cutting-edge camera that delivers unmatched quality, even with the blades in motion. It involves setting up a ground system to monitor nacelle movements and synchronize the blades for optimal data processing.


Key benefits of uninterrupted rotor inspection:

  • 50% more activities per day

  • 15-minute inspection with no production loss

  • 30% annual loss reduction


Want to see more? A video has been released for the occasion.

To watch it, click here.


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