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Energie Plus: A High-Altitude Inspection

Published on 01/08/2023



Discover the article from "énergie plus," dated June 15, 2023, talking about our activities.
Our article is in French but you will find an excerpt translation below. 


"A wind turbine blade is difficult to access: it is high up and in a windy environment. Today, to inspect it, a rope access technician descends along it using rappelling techniques. Using a drone offers more safety as the technicians can stay on the ground and provides greater speed," explains Sébastien Arnould, the CEO of SupAirVision. He created this startup focused on the research and development of remote-controlled devices for blade inspections in 2017. While working as a drone operator in Champagne-Ardenne, he started to use this expertise for industrial inspections. "Here, the most obvious industry is wind turbines: they are highly prevalent in the region. The drone is a lightweight tool that can be deployed quickly and easily," adds Sébastien Arnould. These equipment indeed require regular inspections. 


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