L'Usine Nouvelle: [Tech Moment] Volta, a Drone to Protect Wind Turbines from Lightning

Published on 15/09/2023


Article from L'Usine Nouvelle, published on June 13, 2023, following our Volta demonstration day on May 23, 2023. 

Our article is in French but you will find an excerpt translation below. 


The latest innovation from Champagne-region start-up SupAirVision, presented at the Vivatech exhibition on the Engie booth from 14 to 17 June, is the Volta drone. This is an inspection system for testing lightning paths - a device perched at the tip of wind turbine blades to capture and safely conduct lightning to the ground. A redesigned version of their product, with improved data management and a new design, was presented on 23 May at a demonstration in Troyes, in the Aube region. 


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