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Published on 11/10/2023

Last week, BrazilWindPower came to a close, marking a significant milestone in the Brazilian wind energy sector. This conclusion has heralded the beginning of a series of new collaborations aimed at revolutionizing blade diagnostics in the country. 


Brazilian companies have expressed interest in adopting our technologies and are eager to reach new heights in the inspection of their wind turbine blades. This paves the way for significant advances in the wind energy sector, promising to improve operational efficiency while reducing maintenance costs. 


Recent advances in the use of drones, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation have transformed the way inspections are conducted. Wind turbine blades can now be inspected more accurately and efficiently, minimising risk and extending the life of wind turbines. 


We would like to express our deep gratitude to Business France, Juliette Petit, Paul Baujat, Adriana Braga, and Céline Potron for their unwavering support in making this transition a reality in Brazil. 


Stay tuned for more updates on our projects! 


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