L'Est Éclair: SupAirVision Getting Closer to Wind Turbines

Published on 19/10/2023



Article from L'Est Éclair, published on May 30, 2023, following our Volta demonstration day on May 23, 2023.


Our article is in French but you will find an extract of the translation below.


Summary: In a matter of seconds, the Volta drone, the latest innovation from SupAirVision, ascends to the top of the 150-meter-high wind turbine. Operated by technicians on the ground, it approaches the receptor, which is the size of a coin, located at the tip of the blade. It sends the data to the technicians to detect lightning paths. "Volta allows the inspection of wind turbine blades in 30 minutes, whereas it takes rope access technicians 3 hours to perform the same task, with all the associated human risks," explains Sébastien Arnould, CEO of the company founded in 2017 and based at the Technopole de Rosières-près-Troyes. 


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