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Aerobernie: Drone-based Lightning Path Diagnostics Solution

Published on 18/01/2024

Article de Aerobernie, paru le 13 octobre 2022, sur Volta.

The article is in French but you will find an extract of the translation below.


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SupAirVision is a startup that offers an innovative and effective solution in the field of wind turbine blade inspections.


SupAirVision, the wind control expert, is launching the world's first drone-based lightning path diagnostics solution.


Since its inception, the startup has been envisioning and developing drones, sensors, and data to analyze the condition of wind farms. SupAirVision has three types of drones, each serving a specific purpose: Sherlock, Clarity, and the latest innovation: Volta. 

After a year of research and development, SupAirVision engineers are launching the world's first lightning path testing drone: Volta. Volta is THE innovative and exclusive solution worldwide. Data quality, time savings, operational flexibility, and patented technology are the promises of the high-tech Volta drone.


Patented Technology


This patented global invention offers a quick, precise, and secure diagnosis of lightning paths. Like a lightning rod on a church, the lightning path that equips wind turbine blades captures lightning to conduct it to the ground... thus preserving the integrity of each wind turbine blade.


Thanks to its extreme precision, the Volta drone can reach the sensor at the end of the blade – the size of a coin – a hundred meters above the ground. By measuring the ohmic resistance of the lightning path, any potential defects are identified and located. The drone's technology allows intervention on any type of wind turbine.


With its assisted steering system, Volta minimizes human risks by replacing the rope access technician, the only current solution to verify the proper functioning of lightning protection on wind turbine blades. All technicians remain on the ground!


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