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Clubic: How Drones Improve Wind Turbine Maintenance and Productivity

Published on 05/02/2024

Clubic Article published on June 6, 2023, about our presence at VivaTech 
The article is in French but you will find an extract of the translation below. 


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The startup SupAirVision has developed several products, including drones, to assist Engie and its other partners in better maintaining their wind farms.


SupAirVision, a start-up supported by Engie that innovates in drones, sensors and data, specializes in the inspection of wind turbine blades by drone to optimize their maintenance and enable the machines to be more productive. The drone's flight is then automated around the blades. At VivaTech, we met SupAirVision's founder, Sébastien Arnould, who presented this technology expected to be increasingly utilized. A diagnosis of wind turbine blades that, thanks to the drone, is much faster.


The company develops "somewhat unique" sensors, according to its founder Sébastien Arnould, to conduct tests on the blades. For example, the drone featured in our article is equipped with a lightning path sensor. Using the data, the start-up performs automatic defect detection to enable operators to detect and repair defects more quickly. The company's customers are wind farm operators and wind turbine manufacturers. 

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